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This is where past news goes. :D
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August 23, 20134 years ago

Destory the Enemy in First Person!

MOS releases a look at first person shooter play... All minions now explode and break apart using real time physics to fling parts everywhere! Watch the enemy airships explode and rain down on the battle field in front of you. Track and strike the enemy using guided missiles. Heat things up with plasma and the large laser!

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August 2, 20134 years ago

First Game Play Video Released...

MOS posts its first game play video after adding more research and immersion elements. Look for more video posts to emerge as we have hit a good milestone in production.

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June 30, 20134 years ago

GENEI outlined...

GENEI, the instigator of the death of human rule on planet earth, has been profiled in the "Background" section. Head over and read about this dangerous character if you dare! GENEI