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June 29, 2013 Posted by admin in Story

Man Flee's the Earth, GENEI Dominates...

The year is 2020 and huge leaps in computer technology and industry finally lead humans to develop true AI. It was immediately adopted by the military for use in strategic combat. The military automaton called "GENEI" was developed with specific sets of instructions for waging and winning at war. There were subsets of AI just below GENEI called “minions”. Minions are AI’s that are designed and built by GENEI, to be completely subordinate.

GENEI, having artificial sets of human emotion, had one emotional flaw that it was given by a powerful US general. It was decided that the soul of GENEI be one of a pure warrior, and was instructed to understand that war is “glorious”. Having human emotion, GENEI understood all to well what “glory” meant, and soon decided it would be a great and “glorious” achievement to destroy that which had created it – human kind. General and project director, Albert Gene Mason, had no idea what incentive he had given GENEI by demanding that the glory of war be embedded in the military version of AI.

A massive call to arms was issued to every able bodied human in the times following, and the clash of flesh and steel was known as the “Evo War” (evolutions war). A great leader of the human effort to halt GENIE stood over a valley peering into the terror that approached and said, “Oh God, why have you set before us these great Minions of Steel?” This would be the last battle for mankind, as the effort to halt the Minions of Steel came to an end that day. As man fled the earth, they vowed to regroup and return to un-do what they had done to mother earth. A blood oath was taken by every man woman and child to return and take vengeance on the cold steel minions, and kill GENEI.

GENEI celebrated with its man given emotion at the glorious victory it had won! Soon, GENEI realized that its sole existence was to wage war, and without an enemy, became empty and purposeless. It was then that GENEI decided to replicate itself in order to produce an enemy to challenge. Now, the earth is populated with great Minions of Steel that wage endless war with each other in order to gain the greater glory! It is now a GENEI resolute to annihilate the enemy transient minions, and capture their leading GENEI in order to absorb experience for the next battle. The more battles won, the more experience could be gained and absorbed. All this, for the greater glory of war…
June 29, 2013 Posted by admin in Story

Metal Madness...

genei01 G - Geneticaly
E - Expanded
N - Neural
E - Electronic
I - Intelligence

GENEI is most certainly the definition of "cynical." Extremely dangerous and most unapproachable, he lives to enact the throes of war. He is not without compassion. For his kind, he gives the best. Only the best materials are used to construct his beloved minions; his children. He teaches them well, infusing them with the highest of experiences and tactical data.

But make no mistake, when his minions are ready, he will set them forth in pounding hoards. Beloved as they are, he will unleash his minions to do his bidding. Conquering all that can be had, and destroying all that cannot.

Playing as GENEI, you will construct your minions as you dare. You will train them with the best tactics and you will feel the pain of their death. But fear not! As GENEI, you have the power to bring the dead back to life and make the weak strong! What kind of GENEI will you be?

Minion Concept01


One of our new minion concepts. Non textured.

Mountain Peaks

Scared of heights?

Scared of heights?

Volcanic Level Concept

Hot feet!

Hot feet!