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Closed beta is coming.

We are getting ready for closed beta. We are floating the official announcement date, but it's coming soon!
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Check our Facebook page!

Give us some support over at Facebook! Become part of the growing fan base at Facebook and stay even more in tune with MOS.
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GENEI is Ruler Here!

Playing as GENEI, you will construct your minions as you dare. You will train them with the best tactics and you will feel the pain of their death. But fear not! As GENEI, you have the power to bring the dead back to life and make the weak strong! What kind of GENEI will you be?
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New Game Play Vid Released!

The first new game play video has been released, This video shows MOS in RTS mode. It is feature complete but contains some stand in graphics and other artwork. Look for more videos in the coming days.
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First Person Game Play Vid Released!

Want to take over a minion in first person! Now you can. Check out the newest game play video.
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Latest News

January 23, 20152 months ago

MOS is through Steam Greenlight

Minions of steel is through the Greenlight phase on Steam. Valve and the community have put us through for distribution of Steam. We have a lot of work to do especially with the user interface and multiplayer servers. We hope we can s art beta testing soon.

Click the image to check us out on Steam:

Steam Greenlight Zron Stripter
August 23, 20131 year ago

Destory the Enemy in First Person!

MOS releases a look at first person shooter play... All minions now explode and break apart using real time physics to fling parts everywhere! Watch the enemy airships explode and rain down on the battle field in front of you. Track and strike the enemy using guided missiles. Heat things up with plasma and the large laser!
August 2, 20131 year ago

First Game Play Video Released...

MOS posts its first game play video after adding more research and immersion elements. Look for more video posts to emerge as we have hit a good milestone in production.